Sportzcast provides automated tools for sports venues & organizations enabling simple productions to have the quality of network productions without the cost and additional manpower. Sportzcast’s universal scoreboard interface allows our users the ability to connect to ALL scoreboards and ALL sports. Installing a Sportzcast ScoreBot at your venue will allow your organization to share scoreboard data with the outside world automatically & in real-time. Simply connect your scoreboard controller to the ScoreBot, plug into the internet & your’re ready to go. Sportzcast does the rest! Your scoreboard data can be displayed in real-time to your fans online or in the venue, and also used to feed graphic overlays for live video streaming. Additionally, Sportzcast uniquely has the ability to insert automated commercial queue points in streaming sporting events with no operator interaction. Sportzcast gives organizations the power to expand past their traditional reach, and connect with fans in brand new ways.

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